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Crystal Valley Water

Auckland Delivery

Simply Great Tasting Water

Sourced from a naturally occuring spring from a deep aquifer flowing down from the Central Plateau to Whanganui

Jerry Stewart

Jerry Stewart


The Back Story

Crystal Valley Auckland Distribution has been serving households and business in the Auckland area for over 20 years.

This reliable, friendly, personalised service has been running since 2014 with many loyal long-term clients.

The water is sourced from the spring in Whanganui and personally delivered to ensure best-practice care from source to destination.

For more information about the source, please visit…

Crystal Valley Mineral Water

– Jerry


The Source

The spring originates over 3 kilometres deep in the Volcanic Plateau of the Central North Island of New Zealand. As it makes it’s way South, the water flows through Andesite Strata rocks, picking up it’s characteristic  minerals until it emerges in the shaded valley under St John’s Hill in Whanganui.

How it Works

Initially, you will be supplied with the number of 10L containers you require. These can be refilled every two weeks as required. You will be contacted the day before to confirm that you require a delivery.

The containers are food-grade HDPE and contain no BPA or PCB and being opaque, keep the water in optimum condition.

This is a fully reusable, zero waste operation. You will be advised on the care of your containers in order to keep them in a clean and sanitary condition for many years.

The water is tested regularly for your safety.


New 10L Container:  $25.00

** Limited Offer **

 No charge for container

Minimum delivery 20L

20L $28
30L $41
40L $54
50L $67
60L $80
70L $93
80L $100
100L $110
120L $132
140L $154

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